How to get a hoya to bloom

This is actually a theme where I would really appreciate some further input myself! If you are an experienced hoya lover, please share your thoughts in the comments, so we can all learn. 

What I’ve come to realize in the first year of keeping hoyas is that it is possible to get them to flower fairly quickly! At least some of them. The hoyas’ willingness to bloom depends a lot on the species. Some bloom happily and frequently and the others may never bloom in the given conditions. This just adds more fun to the hoya growing in my opinion!

These are some of the factors that I find help with blooming:

  1. Small pots. Hoyas will not bloom until they are root-bound. My hoya elliptica bloomed in a tiny 6 cm pot! 
  1. Tons and tons of light. They will hardly bloom without some direct sunshine (not when it is the strongest), or grow lights.
  1. Consistent watering schedule. It helps not to let them go dry for too long. Check on them frequently and water when needed. I did hear that some types will bloom when under stress though. 
  1. Feed them regularly with a fertilizer that contains the correct N-P-K ratio plus micronutrients. If you want the flowers, you will need a different type of fertilizer than the one you use for your green plants. I am using a specialized hoya fertilizer from Green24. I am very happy with this solution! My hoya sunrise kept dropping the flowers until I started feeding it properly. 
  1. Once a peduncle is formed, do not let the plant dry out at all. You need to water them just a bit sooner than what you are used to when they are not preparing to flower. 
  1. Do not move the plant or change any environmental conditions when it is preparing to bloom. It seems to be happy just where it is, so don’t mess with it.
  1. Never cut back long, leafless vines! That’s where the peduncles will form and the leaves will also appear later on. Just give the vine some support and wait. 

Don’t worry too much if the first round of flowers doesn’t make it, this is quite a common occurrence I believe. I like to think that the hoya just needs to test the field first. 🙂 

And last but not least, never remove old peduncles! Hoyas bloom many times on the same peduncle, so just let it be and wait for the next round. 

I managed to get 13 different hoyas to bloom in my first year of keeping them, which I consider a great success! 🙂 Here are some photos of my blooms. I have many more peduncles forming, so keep your fingers crossed!

Hoya nicholsoniae var. nicholsoniae

Did I maybe miss something important? Do let me know in the comments. 

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