Where to buy hoyas in Europe?

I know you are all very anxious to learn how to expand your hoya collection! 🙂 I did a fair amount of research (research = uncontrolled buying of massive amounts of hoyas) and am happy to share some insights on different stores with you!

** From time to time, I also have some extra cuttings of my own plants to sell or trade, do send me a message. 🙂

My last order from Uhlig Kakteen

Let’s begin with the shops I already ordered from:


I love this store because of its massive selection and healthy plants. They mostly sell small unrooted cuttings. So you need to make sure to know how to root them yourself before purchasing. I did not have any problems with them, the survival rate of the cuttings is extremely high. The only one that died on me really fast was hoya walliniana variegated, but this species is known to do that a lot. It is a very sensitive hoya. Otherwise, I ordered a loooooot of cuttings from them already and was always very satisfied. A big chunk of my collection was grown from their cuttings. They pack well and ship fast. You can subscribe to get notified when a specific hoya is back in stock so that you can jump on it when it becomes available. They restock during weekends, however, it is hard to tell exactly when. Sometimes, I get a late email from them at midnight and I am wide awake in a second. 🙂 

Plant & Interieur

I was happy to find this store and it still warms my heart. Their selection of hoyas just keeps growing bigger and bigger, their nursery looks like a paradise and they keep experimenting with interesting techniques. The plants I got from Planteninterieur were always of great quality. They are rooted and arrive in good shape. I like that you can select a specific plant from the photos when purchasing. This is so useful when it comes to more expensive specimens. It is also great that their price tags depend on the size of the plant. Just a tiny note, some of the plants are rooted in sphagnum moss. I would advise removing as much of it as possible to avoid potential root rot in the future. I had some problems with this, but I simply rerooted the plants and they are OK. 

Make sure to follow their Instagram profile! Much useful information and even more beautiful blooms! 

Skayana Tropicals 

I know Jana from Skayana Tropicals personally. She had a huge love for hoyas way before she opened the shop and it shows. She does plant imports the right way, as everyone should. When hoyas arrive from Asia, she will tend to them and keep them in her care for months, until they are properly rooted and growing. She will put them in her own mix of an airy and chunky substrate and provide them with perfect conditions, love, and attention. I have never received a hoya from her that would have rotten roots. They are all growing like champs. Skayana Tropicals is a small business (for now at least) which means it offers all advantages of personalized care. She buys plants directly from Asian growers and propagates them herself, instead of just reselling them. I love her idea of supplying rare species and taking the burden of import and acclimatization away from fellow hoya heads. Not everyone has the conditions for this at home and it is nice to get an established plant. 

Currlin Orchideen

I have mixed feelings about this shop. Would order the species that are not sensitive, but not the rare sensitive ones. They have restocks every few months and they announce the date and plants in advance, so you can check them before ordering. You need to be fast when the sale begins as some sell out quickly. They offer quite big plants at very reasonable prices.

The problem is that they are freshly imported from Asia and not rehabilitated very well. The imported plants travel about 6 days from Thailand, then they acclimatize them for 2-3 weeks before sending them out to customers. This period is way too short in my opinion. It’s just stress after stress. They also leave the plants in the same medium as received without even checking the roots. I have done many imports myself and I know that sensitive hoya roots usually die when arriving from Asia. It is best to remove the original roots and reroot the plant completely as soon as possible.

The last package I got from them was in really poor condition, the roots rotted completely and damage was already very visible on the leaves. They will advise you not to repot the plant (so you can’t see the dead roots?) which is a sure way for a hoya to die. Even after trying to cut the plants up and rerooting them, most of them died shortly after receiving them. There is a disclaimer on their site that the poor shape of plants is not a reason for a refund. So I didn’t get the refund for the plants that died, even though I send many photos of the issues.

Uhlig Kakteen

I have had only great experiences with this nursery! They too import plants from Thailand and announce a restock every few months. You need to check their website to know when the next restock is. I find it best to add the plants to the wishlist and subscribe for the notification when they are back in stock. Plants are rehabilitated and rooted well. They are also a nice size, not huge but not the smallest. I didn’t have to reroot them as the roots were in great condition upon arrival. One of the hoyas I bought in August is already blooming after 3-4 months! Make sure to compare the prices with other sites before purchasing, because rare species tend to have a very hefty price tag. 

Zielony parapet

Again, some mixed feelings about this shop. They sell more common, big-sized hoyas at good prices. But they are quite relentless to admit mistakes and give refunds. It all depends on luck. Sometimes the plants arrive in great condition in a dry substrate, and sometimes they water them heavily before shipping and send them on their way to die. The last hoya I received from them was soaking wet and had completely rotten roots. They insisted that the roots look fine because they are white and that my complaint is not justified. I sent them many photos and an educational video about hoya roots and asked them at least not to water them before shipping next time. And then spent hours cutting and cleaning my new hoya and rerooting it. It survived but not thanks to them. If I want to buy the plant that needs this type of care I can just order directly from Asia. From any European shop, I expect the roots not to be dead upon arrival. 

Casa botanica

Unfortunately, these guys are not shipping to Slovenia any longer. 😦 I was very satisfied with their plants when they still did. Their selection of hoyas is very compelling and the prices are good. The plants are rooted. If you are lucky enough that they ship to your country, I would certainly give them a try! 

Grow jungle

Grow Jungle has a wide selection of hoyas, but most of them tend to be overpriced. You will find some really good deals there occasionally (for example hoya heuschkeliana variegated, splashy hoya Mathilde, hoya serpens) but in general, it would be wise to check the prices for hoyas elsewhere, so you can get some feeling. Also, some plants tend to be mislabeled, so google the name and compare the pictures. 

The hoyas I bought from them arrived a bit wet but luckily healthy. I repotted right away and had no problems with them. 


This is an Italian nursery and does not ship outside of Italy. But if you are ever in Udine, it is well worth paying them a visit! They primarily specialize in begonias and probably have the biggest selection in Europe (I think around 600 species). It is just crazy to see it. They have many hoyas as well. They propagate them themselves and the prices of those are super-friendly! Probably the cheapest you will find. Just make sure to check and treat for any bugs, because it is a jungle out there! When you see the size of that place, you can’t blame them for a mealybug or two. 🙂 I got rid of them very quickly. 

Flores Reinecke

I only ordered once from Flores Reinecke. I believe they restock hoyas twice a year, in the spring and the summer. They will send the list of available plants to your email if you ask them beforehand to add you to the mailing list. When you get the email, act quickly, the most wanted hoyas will sell out in a matter of 15 minutes. 

I was a bit unlucky with the shipping, I believe, because they sent the package in March and the temperatures were very low that week. The hoyas arrived soaking wet, which of course didn’t help. It also didn’t help that they ship by regular mail. I would be willing to pay more for express shipping, but they don’t offer it. One plant was dead completely, and they offered to send a new one with the next order (no refund). One hoya made it with healthy roots and I needed to reroot the others. The plants were otherwise in good shape, so they rerooted quickly and without problems. I will most likely order again because I was very happy with the size and the prices. This is just another reminder to always, ALWAYS check the roots when receiving hoya in the mail. 


This shop offers just a few hoyas, basically the most common ones. But if you want a big hoya linearis or hoya compacta (at a very good price), this is your go-to shop. They ship from Germany and I never had any issues with them. From my experience, they are willing to offer a refund if anything goes wrong. 

Here is a list of a few other shops that sell hoyas but I haven’t tried yet:

  1. Hoyafixation
  2. HoyaMyGosh!
  3. Hoya’s and More
  4. Eurotropical plants
  5. Paulshirley succulents
  6. Secret Garden
  7. Hoya Love
  8. Kakteen Haage
  9. Plantanica
  10. VIP plants
  11. The Plant Dynasty
  12. Plant Circle
  13. Orchids Deluxe BV
  14. Claessen Orchids and plants BV
  15. Blatt Kakteen

Do you know any shops that need to be added to this list? Let me know. I will be also happy to hear about your experience with them. 


  1. Petra says:

    I also ordered a lot from hoya passion and the only one that died in week or two was also hoya walliniana variegated. It was already on its way to hoyaheaven when i got it…it is so sensitive…


    1. hoyalover says:

      Yes, it is just terrible how sensitive it is! 😦 Mine was completely out in 2 days. I have given up on even trying to buy another one. 🙂


    2. Plantlover says:

      Thanks for the information about the shops. I have tried some on the list. I have ordered a hoya Deykeae from Vipplants. Geez! The ad photos shows a huge hoya with at least 3 nodes and 6 leaves. What I received was a half dead one leaf rooted cutting buried in soil. They didn’t answer emails or calls about it. Horrible!


      1. hoyalover says:

        Oh, I’m so sorry for such a terrible experience! 😦 I know how this sucks, especially when plants are rare and expensive. I totally understand that some things can go wrong, but it’s the worst when they don’t take any responsibility afterward. Thank you for posting this feedback for the rest of us!


      2. Petra says:

        Uuuff…I almost oredered it too…it was such a beautifull plant on the picture…obviously i had luck that i did not… feel sorry for yours


  2. Tp says:

    I bought some rooted hoyas and some cuttings recently from Hoyafixation, and I was really happy with the shipment and the plants. Everything were perfectly protected, the cuttings super healthy and the roots looking good.
    With Eurotropicals, I didn’t had a good experience. They have good prices, but some hoyas arrived broken and when I contacted with them, I had an answer like “Oh, well…”. Half of them had root rot (and they are the type of store that don’t want you to “disturb” the plants in any way, and that includes watering and of course, checking the roots. And I just can think that is because if they die is on you. But honestly, by the answer that I had about the shipment, I don’t think you will get refund anyway).


    1. hoyalover says:

      Thank you for adding your opinion on these two shops, much appreciated! I’ve already heard lots of good feedback on Hoyafixation, I will have to try it! 🙂 And thanks for the warning about Eurotropicals. It always is a bad sign when they don’t want you to disturb the plants! Because they will just miraculously recover from the rot or what?? 😀


  3. Anah says:

    Thank you for listing all of these stores. I mainly buy my hoyas from dutch webshops (casa botanica, groen in huis,…) and Always had great experiences. However I tried secret garden and I was disapointed , the plants arrived socked!


    1. hoyalover says:

      Thank you for your input, Anah! Yeah, I’ve heard some very mixed experiences with Secret Garden. Most people say it all depends on luck. I don’t think I will try to order any time soon. 🙂


    2. Ella says:

      Was it the only problem that the plants arrived soaked? I hoped they would be good since I was thinking I might want to try them


  4. lia.anthonio says:

    two weeks ago I bought a suite big hoya calcyna stargazer 35 by 60 cm for 60 euro.It arrived well packed within a short time.The hoya itself was in good condition from http://www.blatt- kakteen.de


    1. hoyalover says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I didn’t know about this store before, I will add them to the list


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