• How to import hoyas from abroad?

    Importing hoyas from Asia can be very thrilling, as it can get you some species that are hard (or very expensive) to find locally. However, imports can be a gamble and while they can bring tons of joy, they can also bring serious disappointment. I’ve had my share of both. 🙂 Here are a fewContinue reading “How to import hoyas from abroad?”

  • A photo comparison of different hoya blooms

    I was lucky enough to have some hoyas bloom simultaneously on multiple occasions. I took some photos of them side by side so it is easier to imagine the size of the blooms. Please find the comparison photos below. And here you will find photos of all hoyas that I managed to get to bloomContinue reading “A photo comparison of different hoya blooms”

  • Where to buy hoyas in Europe?

    I know you are all very anxious to learn how to expand your hoya collection! 🙂 I did a fair amount of research (research = uncontrolled buying of massive amounts of hoyas) and am happy to share some insights on different stores with you! ** From time to time, I also have some extra cuttingsContinue reading “Where to buy hoyas in Europe?”

  • Hoyas that bloomed for me

    Let me share my joy and pretty blooms with you! 🙂 Here are the hoyas that have flowered for me so far: Hoya amicabilis Hoya bella Hoya bella ‘Anneke Buis’ Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ Hoya brevialata Hoya buotii Hoya burmanica Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae Hoya campanulata Hoya caudata ‘Sumatra’ Hoya sp. ‘Chicken farm’ Hoya compactaContinue reading “Hoyas that bloomed for me”

  • How to get a hoya to bloom

    This is actually a theme where I would really appreciate some further input myself! If you are an experienced hoya lover, please share your thoughts in the comments, so we can all learn.  What I’ve come to realize in the first year of keeping hoyas is that it is possible to get them to flowerContinue reading “How to get a hoya to bloom”

  • How and when to water hoyas?

    I believe this is a question that many hoya newbies have a problem with, and I can totally understand why. You can find so much opposing information about this on the web, that it is really hard to figure out what to do.  Many people say hoyas are like succulents, but I couldn’t disagree more.Continue reading “How and when to water hoyas?”

  • Hoyas: how to treat the root rot

    Nothing is perfect, not even the hoyas. 🙂 Unfortunately, they are extremely prone to root rot. Even if you manage to perfect the substrate, the watering, the light, you will still have an occasional problem with the rot. So do not beat yourself up when one of your darling plants starts rotting. It happens! TheContinue reading “Hoyas: how to treat the root rot”

  • Repotting hoyas

    One of the common myths about hoyas is that they absolutely hate repotting. But I believe this is not true at all, as long as you follow a few basic guidelines.  Repotting to change the substrate I always repot every new hoya I get, because I find it easier to take care of them whenContinue reading “Repotting hoyas”

  • How to root hoya cuttings

    When someone asks me this question, I always say: “Just root them in a medium you feel the most comfortable with”. Like most plants, hoyas will root in water, perlite, leca, moss, or directly in the soil mix. I tried all of this and all methods work. I just don’t like moss too much, simplyContinue reading “How to root hoya cuttings”

  • The hoya potting mix that works for me

    I believe that the most important thing when mixing a hoya substrate is finding the one that will work best with your conditions. Different growers keep their hoya plants in all kinds of substrates, everything from 100% soil to entirely soilless substrates such as leca or pon.  I would say nothing is good or badContinue reading “The hoya potting mix that works for me”

  • Most things you heard about hoyas are wrong

    While starting with hoyas I was searching for tips all over the internet. Recently I’ve come to realize that a lot of information is either wrong or at least only half true. Here are some common misconceptions that you may come across:  Hoyas like the same substrate as succulents Hoyas are epiphytes that are usuallyContinue reading “Most things you heard about hoyas are wrong”